CJR Gift Sales Pty Ltd is a company that sells, distributes and markets a range of branded timepieces to multinational and independent retailers in the Southern African market.

The Company began trading in watch brands in September 2001.

To begin with,the Company employed 10 individuals. Today, operating as a team of 73 people, we represent and distribute 10 brands – 9 of which are internationally renowned and have a vast global presence. Our brand offering includes Police (Watches and Jewellery) Citizen, Obaku Denmark, Sissy Boy, Daniel Klein, Hallmark, Superdry and Timberland, Bulova, Q&Q. We distribute our brands to over 2500 retail outlets nationally in South Africa , Namibia , Botswana , Lesotho , Swaziland and Zimbabwe, Mauritius,Reunion. Our core portfolio encompasses timepieces however we have diversified our offering to include jewellery and leather goods (most notably under the Police brand)


This profound quote defines our work ethic at CJR Gift Sales (Pty) Limited. We strongly believe that a proactive approach combined with personal accountability are crucial ingredients for running a successful business .This mentality lies at the core of three pillars which have contributed to our position as a leading player in the South African watch market:

  1. Well cemented and long standing relationships with our retail partners
  2. Consistently strong service levels, founded on a well-established logistics and repairs department. We take pride in running one of the most well equipped and experienced workshops in the region.
  3. Innovative and cohesive brand building endeavours, based on dedicated resources and an in-depth understanding of our target market.