For over 35 years, the Treger family have been involved in the Sourcing and Promotions business.

As Treger Recreation, the family was the official merchandiser of the Nedbank Golf Challenge (previously, “The Million Dollar Challenge”) held annually at Sun City. This included the provision of both corporate- and official tournament merchandise, along with a retail shop set up at the event. Gary Treger was a Tournament Executive. Over the course of a 30-year partnership, we sold over 25,000 items of NGC and corporate apparel per year. This business continues to flourish, as we provide a bespoke service in Corporate Promotions (including clothing and accessories such as T-shirts, caps, scarves, ponchos, umbrellas, diaries, leather goods, branded watches and jewellery, and gifting ideas to name a few) and Corporate Golf Days (including Apparel and Prizes).