When it comes to HIRSCH, we do not speak of watch bracelets, but of bracelets for watches. Because a bracelet means so much more.

From the very beginning HIRSCH has been the specialist in the handling of leather and the combining of leather with other fine materials. This was the origin of the HIRSCH bracelet culture.

HIRSCH links up with specialists from all over the world in the search for the finest and most innovative materials. Each bracelet is supple, highly detailed, fine and noble. Manufactured with precision and without compromise. All the materials must serve the sensual experience produced by the bracelet.

Each development is the result of the creative process in the HIRSCH company. The passion for innovation represents a tradition reaching back many years, as well as a commitment to the future. Striving to develop and refine technologies in order to perfect the bracelet solution for watches.

Outstanding reliability had been Hirsch’s trademark for generations.

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