Obaku creates timeless design watches inspired from minimalism and simplicity. The inspiration behind all Obaku watches comes from the classic Danish design tradition combined with the Asian Zen Philosophy that focuses on the essential things in life. It might seem difficult to blend traditions that originate thousands of kilometers apart, but thanks to our designers Obaku has created designs where Nordic and Asian design idioms meet.

All Obaku watches are timeless and will stand the test of time. The designs strives to offer affordable luxury using both luxurious materials and unique designs with attention to the details, and representing the sheer beauty of a great design.


Since the Viking age, Danish design has evolved from a basic mindset of creating a simple, durable and strong design, into helping elevate the fundamental standards of living through simplicity and functionality mixed with key elements such as functionality, clean lines, and a minimalist look.

Today Danish design is known around the world for its emphasis on function, its simplicity and the high quality materials often applied. The Obaku designs are timeless and unique – made to last a lifetime.

Obaku takes its name from a branch of the Zen philosophy that was founded in 1661 at the foot of Mount Obaku.

Obaku Zen focuses on incorporating a total balance in body and mind. It is a way of being – simply a state of mind. Obaku Zen tries to see things without distortion and to concentrate on the essentials created by your own thoughts and nature. In Asia the Zen philosophy has molded a set of basic values that pay tribute to simplicity and the search for the essence in life. It values the truth and calmness.

The idea that there should be a sense of calmness and balance in the items we consume to adorn ourselves, is what gave birth to Obaku. In Asia, Zen philosophies have given rise to natural simplicity – in both thoughts and act.

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